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A couple was honored for being Married for 50 years without a Single Argument!
crabrice - 12.11.2011 at 11:51 AM

I stole this old joke from Joel Osteen.

One Sunday at Church, they had a big celebration for this couple who lovingly was married for 50 years without a Single argument. They receiced all kinds of accolades. After the service, they said goodbye to the congregants.

Someone untied the rope for them and they got into the carriage, headed home. they went a short way and the horse neighed and stopped.

The wife stepped calmly out of the carriage and walked up to the horse and said, "That is one."

She got back into the carriage and they went a very short distance and the carriage stopped. The wife hopped out of the carriage smoothly and said facing the horse, " That is two."

Then the carriage rolled on a short distance and stopped again! The wife jumped out of the carriage, pulled out her revolver and shot the horse.

The husband yelled, "You don't go around shooting horses!"

The wife looked around and replied, "That is one!"