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Author: Subject: Ozone groupie tales
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[*] posted on 7.30.2005 at 04:47 AM
Ozone groupie tales

I got this from another forum. Some of these stories are so funny, they cant be true.

Ozone Magazine Disclaimer: These interviews are anonymous, so we cannot verify if they are true or not. All details (cities, club names, hotel names) have been removed. These stories may or may not be factual and do not necessarily represent the opinions of OZONE magazine. These stories did not necessarily occur recently, so if you are currently seeing one of these fine gentlemen, no need to curse him out. If you, too, have a celebrity confession, send an email to and we will reply with a phone number where you can call anonymously to be interviewed.


Ozone: What's your story? Groupie: I had a relationship with Jim, it was based on sex though. The relationship lasted for a good four months, until his baby's mom started gettin all b!tchy with him because he wasn't spending time with the baby. He was spending all his time and giving all his d!ck and money to me.

Ozone: How did you meet? Groupie: Well I was visiting my cousin in Harlem for like 6 months and the first day we got really bored just chilling in her house, so we left and walked around. We came up to this store (I can't remember what the name was..) and we seen these three sexy ass guys posted up in front of the store. Of course my cousin and I being a couple of dimes, they spit some game at us. My cousin was all up under one of the dudes, I guess she knew him. Then Jim walked up to me and asked me if me and my cousin would chill with him and his boys. We said yes and then left with the guys to their house.

Ozone: So what happened? Groupie: We got to the house, and we was all chilling, talking, laughing and smoking blunts. Me being the freak I am, when I get high I turn horny. So I was all up on Jim's d!ck, grinding, just all around not giving a fuuck who all was in the room. After all the dry sex we got up and walked to Jim's room and he threw my on the bed and he pulled his pants down, and thats when I saw THE BIGGEST D!CK I EVER SEEN. I was horny and wet just looking at his d*ck. I told him to fuuck me now and we fuucked that whole night. I ended up staying the night at that house. When I woke up that morning I saw my cousin with her head layed across one of Jim's friends laps. So I woke her ass up and we showered and then I gave Jim my telephone number and we bounced.

Ozone: Were you dissapointed? Groupie: HELL TO THE NO!! That man has the biggest d!ick EVER. You see I said the relationship lasted about four months!! The sex was AWESOME!

Ozone: But wait, what happened after you guys had sex? Groupie: Well he had my number and as soon as I got in the house he called me. We chilled more and more. The pus$y must have been good to him because he started spending money on me like I was wifey or something. I wasn't mad at it though.

Ozone: What ended the relationship? Groupie: Lord, it was a bunch of drama with his baby's mother. The b!tch was basically hating on me because I had her baby's father wrapped around my finger, and in my pus$y everynight. We ended up coming across each other in the streets and we fought like two grown ass men at that store I met Jim at. Oh, and you best believe I kicked that b!tches ass.


Ozone: What happened with you and Raz-B? Groupie: Well I met him at a club last year and he asked me to dance, and I'm a nice person so I said yes. I had no idea who he was until he showed me a picture of B2K.

Ozone: So you weren't a B2K fan I assume? Groupie: Well I never really cared for them, but the one with the braids looked like a good bang.

Ozone: Okay, so did you actually have sex with Raz-B or what? Groupie: Yes, unfortunately. I thought it would be better than it was. He had a nice stomach at the time, but his d!ck looked like a pencil and he kept insisting on having sex to his song "B2K Is Hot."

Ozone: Was this a one night stand? Groupie: Yes, I would never have sex with him again if my life depended on it. He was weird, made strange noises, I could have sworn he was mooing like a cow at one point, and it only lasted about 7 or 8 minutes. I didn't even orgasm.

Ozone: What happened after that? Groupie: I told him I had to go and he asked me for my number so we could do this again sometime. I pretended I didn't hear him and walked out the room and never looked back.


Ozone: Were you in a relationship with Usher, or was it just for the sex? Groupie: I wouldnt dream of being in a relationship with him. YUCK!! It was just for sex, but the sex was NOT all that good either. I kinda felt sorry for him. So I fuucked him.

Ozone: Were you dissapointed? Groupie: Um yeah. Because it was after a concert when we "fuucked" and it was smelling like straight up FISH backstage in his dressing room. It was NOT me either. So I'm like, 'Babe? What's that smell?' He tried to make it seem like it already smelled like that when they got to the arena. I'm like whatever, can we get this over with.

Ozone: How was the sex? Groupie: It was fuucking horrible and on top of that it was smelling back there. This man is not packing, his d*ck is way small and he was having a hard time trying to find my hole. Then ol' boy did something out of this world, he yelled out something Haitian and some big ugly black man came out and walked over to Usher and they started making out. I was sick to my stomach. I got dressed and ran out of there.

Ozone: Are there any celebs you'd want to sleep with? Groupie: Yes! Just not Usher. I'd fuuck Lil Jon before I have sex with Usher again. I really would want to have sex with that guy Tyson Beckford, now he is packing, I seen some movies.


Ozone: Where did you meet Irv? Groupie: I was at a Ja Rule concert a few years ago and I saw him outside. We started to talk and he said we should meet up at their hotel later.

Ozone: What happened at the hotel? Groupie: See, I was thinking that I would be hanging around with Ja and them but when I got to the hotel he was the only one there. He took me up to his room and he told me he would make me a star if i fuucked him.

Ozone: So did you? Groupie: Well, my dream is to be famous, so I figured why not, it's free sex for stardom.

Ozone: What was the sex like? Groupie: It sucked. He has this weird fetish of licking armpits. It creeped me out, but I let him do it.

Ozone: Did you have sex with him more than once? Groupie: He told me if I wanted to be a star I had to fuuck him everynight, but the only way for me to do this was to come on tour with him.

Ozone: So you went? Groupie: I went for a couple weeks, but I got bored of him licking my armpits so I acted like I was sick and he sent me home saying we would finish another time.

Ozone: What happened after that? Groupie: I gave him a fake number and address. I couldn't take anymore of him.


Ozone: How did you meet him? Groupie: It was at a club in New York. I am originally from Los Angeles, it was my second night in town when I met him. I was sitting down having a drink and he approached me and introduced himself.

Ozone: How did the question come up? Groupie: Well, we were dancing for awhile and after a few hours he whispered in my ear and said, "You down for something tonight?" and I wasn't going to back down on that offer, so I went back to his place.

Ozone: How was it? Groupie: It was good. He's really wild in bed, and don't let the 'No homo' stuff fool you, because he is definitely not a homo in bed. His d!ck is like a baseball bat, but it's thick too like a overgrown German sausage. He likes to pull hair alot, and he actually likes it better when a girl rides.

Ozone: Were you dissapointed? Groupie: In what? In Juelz? Never. We ended up having a relationship after that night.

Ozone: How long did that last? Groupie: About 4 Months, I get bored easily so it was time for me to move on to bigger and better things.

Ozone: Do you guys still talk? Groupie: Not really, but if he's down to fuuck again he knows the number.


Ozone: Was Young Buck good in bed? Groupie: He was the best I ever had. His d*ck was like the Energizer Bunny. It kept going and going. The sex lasted for hours at a time. It was the best I ever had and it got better each time.

Ozone: Was this a ongoing relationship? Groupie: It wasn't a relationship really, it was more of a sex thing. It lasted about 5 months.

Ozone: When did you meet Young Buck? Groupie: I met him through one of my friends. She was dating one of his cousins or someone related to him. She introduced me at a party and he took me back to his hotel after that.

Ozone: Was he famous when you met him? Groupie: Not really, he was known through G-Unit but this was before his cd came out.

Ozone: Any other celebrities you would give a try? Groupie: Yeah. There's a few, but I doubt any of them would be better.


Ozone: How did you meet Slim Thug? Groupie: Me and my girls decided to make an appearance at one of his house parties. A few hours after bein' there he came up to me and asked me if I was enjoyin' myself and things of that nature. And we just started talkin'. He asked to go to another room 'cause it was too loud in there. So we bounced and talked some more and next thing you knew sh!t setted off.

Ozone: How big is his d!ck? Groupie: It was as long as a fuuckin' telescope. It was huge. I couldn't mount it with 1 hand. And he knew how to use it. Oh yes he did.

Ozone: How was it? Groupie: He was like an untamed animal. Exactly...he was like a lion that hadn't been fed in a some months. It was amazing. He tore me up. I think I still walk with a limp and its been like a year since then.

Ozone: Does he have any weird sexual tendencies? Groupie: Besides the fact that he didn't take his sunglasses off...nope.

Ozone: So you would recommend him? Groupie: Oh yes. You haven't had some until you fuucked this cat.


Ozone: How did you meet? Groupie: I was invited by a friend of mine to come on the set of his video "On Fire", I attended everyday he was doing the video, and each day I noticed him looking my way. My friend who invited me is really good friends with David..well he's known as "Young Buck" but anyway, "Buck" approached me and invited me to an party they were going to be at, I was down of course so I went.

Ozone: So what happened? Groupie: Me and Banks, chilled at the party and he was straight up with me "Can I get some of that pus$y?" I like boldness in a *****, so I was all for it. We went back to his hotel, and he demanded me to take off my clothes. I did, and it was on. He can go all night, It was the best I ever had.

Ozone: So you would recommend him? Groupie: Yea I would, he can really put it down. But there was one thing I didn't like right in the middle of us fuucking, and I was about to climax, this ***** said he wanted to take it out so I could suck his sh!t.

Ozone: Did a relationship happen? Groupie: No, he was to busy with G-Unit, but we did stay fuuck buddies.


Ozone: How was T.I. in bed? Groupie: A freak! That basically sums it up.

Ozone: How did you meet him? Groupie: I was at a club in New York, and my girl got us in VIP. I actually was tryin' to get to Nelly, but T.I. was the first stop. He seen me, and started talkin to me like he knew I was gonna give it up. We had a few drinks, my girl left me with him and the ***** from PSC, but it was all good. Then we went to the hotel, had some more drinks then everybody left. We gave each other oral sex, then we hit every position known to mankind. I never thought he was gonna bust, but when he did, it was all over me.

Ozone: How big is his d!ck? Groupie: About 8-91/2 inches, surprisingly thick.

Ozone: So you would recommend him? Groupie: Absolutely. That's the best d!ck I've had in a while.


Ozone: What’s your story? Groupie: 50 Cent and I have had our share of sexual encounters. We kick it every time he comes to L.A.. His d!ck is not as big as I assumed it would be. It was probably about 7 1/2inches. But its not a big disappointment because he can eat pus$y like no other.

Ozone: How did you meet? Groupie: I know a few studio owners, so when he was out here recording with Game, I went in to meet them. It jumped off from there.

Ozone: Does he have a fetish? Groupie: Yes, 50 loves titties and ass. I happen to have them both so I guess that's why he immediately came on to me.

Ozone: He came on to you? Groupie: Actually he did, I wanted him either way, so even if I had to come on to him, I was still going to get him.


Ozone: How did you meet Lil Scrappy? Groupie: At a club in Atlanta.

Ozone: What was the sex like? Groupie: Should I even answer? Well, let me put it like this, masturbation would have felt like a 10 inch compared to this [Censored].

Ozone: So, he was a disappointment? Groupie: Yes!! You would think he could do something right. The little d!ick was already bad, but this [Censored] cant even eat pus$y right. I've busted a better nut with my jack rabbit.

Ozone: Any last comments? Groupie: PLEASE, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS FOOL. You're better off goin to bed horny.


Ozone: How was Guerilla Black in bed? Groupie: He was crazy that's how he was. He asked to get on top. I told his ass, 'Hell No!' So I climbed on top and rode him for a while then he started huffin' and puffin' sounding like he was about to catch a heart attack. So I slowed down and asked if he was ok and he goes, "Yeah can we take a snack break."

Ozone: Were you disappointed? Groupie: Yes I was. I looked at him like he was crazy and said sure. When he left I put my clothes back on and left. I had to get my number changed too because he wouldn't stop callin' me.

Ozone: Would you recommend him? Groupie: If you want to fuuck in a buffet, sh!t do you.


Ozone: How did you meet The Game? Groupie: He stripped at this club I used to go to every weekend evening. I was like a regular and we talked and everything. And after the deal that made me attracted to him. So I decided to actually call the number he gave me and surprisingly it was still in service but he didn't answer. He called me back some months later and we hooked up to do what we do.

Ozone: How was he in bed? Groupie: When it came down to it he was good. He was in and out my [Censored] and my ass. It was just wonderful. But he did some sh!t that creeped me the fuuck out. Everytime he was about to bust a nut, he would scream, "I'M TRANSFORMING!" I didn't understand what the hell he was talking about until after we were finish and he wrapped himself up in the cover like a [Censored] and said when he unwraps he'll be a butterfly. I didn't stick around to see if that would happen.

Ozone: Do you still talk to him? Groupie: Hell no. And now that he has all the world on his ass I don't want to talk to him. He left a few messages on my phone though sayin, "B!tch You can Suck My D!ck."


Ozone: How did you meet him? Groupie: I met him on the video shoot of Snoop Dogg's - Let's Get Blown. I was just laughing and hanging out with my girls and trying to make a lil cameo in the video. So you know how you feel someone staring at you? Well that's what he was doing. I looked up and gave him that look like, "What the hell are you looking at?" I was fronting for sure, because everytime I would see this [Censored] on TV I would melt, he's SO sexy. So he came up to me and like starting conversating with me. I ended up giving him my number and he told me to be home around 10 because he was going to call.

Ozone: So what happened? Groupie: We started talking on the phone, then we moved on to going to the nearest clubs and then we went to chilling at each other's houses. Until one night I was alone because Pharrell was making an appearance in someone's video. It was like 2 am and I hear someone creeping around in my apartment. I'm thinking I'm finna get robbed or something. I got out the bed and grabbed my gun out my night draw and went closer to the creeping noises. I flicked on the light and I see Pharrell looking at me all sexy. That night was the worst night EVER. We attempted to make love and he didnt know what he was doing. He was hitting all the wrong spots and after like 3 minutes he "came" and this mother ****er had some nerve to scream out loud, "OH MY GOD!! I'M CUMMING... I CANT TAKE THIS NOOO AHHHH!!" I looked at him like he was fuucking crazy. I turned over and went to sleep.

Ozone: Were you dissapointed? Groupie: You damn skippy. Silly me. For thinking all these sexy male artists be packing. When they d!ck ain't worth SH!T.


Ozone: How did you meet Lil Jon? Groupie: I have a cousin who is very good friends with Ludacris and she invited me to an after party of his one night and Lil Jon was there. We were just chillin' and he walked up to me and introduced himself. He asked me if I wanted a drink and I said sure, so we got some drinks, and after a few drinks I was wasted.

Ozone: What happened after that? Groupie: Well when I get drunk I get horny, so I took advantage of the moment. He invited me back to his hotel room so I went.

Ozone: What was the sex like? Groupie: From what I can remember, it was rough. He kept screaming "YEAH!!!!!!!!" throughout the night. That was odd.

Ozone: Did you ever see him after that? Groupie: I saw him at another party a few months later but I didn't talk to him.

Ozone: Are there any other celebrities on your list? Groupie: I'd like to fuuck one of the Ying Yang Twins, they seem freaky.


Ozone: What's your story? Groupie: I used to work at a strip club where Busta was a frequent customer. One night he pulled me aside and said he wanted to show me some things. I am a big freak so I told him I wanted to see what things he could do. So he took me to his house or his friends house, I'm not sure who's place it was really.

Ozone: What happened at this place? Groupie: Well he took me to one of the bedrooms and threw me down on the bed. He started taking my clothes off and I did the same for him. That man is a big freak I tell you. He was licking me in places you wouldn't even imagine. Then when I saw his d!ck I almost fainted. That thing was like as long as a keyboard and as thick as a can of Coca Cola, just longer.

Ozone: How long did you have sex with him for? Groupie: We had sex maybe once or twice a week for about 4 months. Each time it lasted about 3 hours. The man knows how to work a girl in bed.

Ozone: Did he ever disappoint you in bed? Groupie: No, never. He always satisfied me.

Ozone: What ended this relationship? Groupie: I had to move out of state to help my cousin with her baby.


Ozone: How did you meet? Groupie: I met him at an after party that was held in a club I use to work at.

Ozone: So what happened? Groupie: We talked for awhile, had a few drinks and what not, then a few hours later he said he was leaving to go to his hotel room and asked if I wanted to come with him. I was all for it so I went with him.

Ozone: How was it? Groupie: He's okay. Not the best lay I've had, but he wasn't that bad either. What really scared me is when he busted he cried. I was like okay this guy is weird.

Ozone: How long did you mess with him? Groupie: For like 2 months.

Ozone: So you would recommend him? Groupie: If you can deal with his , yeah I guess.

Ozone: Are there any celebrities you would want to sleep with? Groupie: Yes, a whole lot more.

Ozone: So would you be offended if someone called you a groupie? Groupie: No, I'll laugh.


Ozone: What's your story? How did you meet Ginuwine? Groupie: Through my younger cousin who went to school with his son. The two were good friends. Like on the level of playing at each others house and etc. And one day my aunt sent me over to pick up Lil' Man's inhaler he had left earlier that day and Gin opened the door. I was in awe because of how fine he was but I didn't let my emotions show. He invited me in and I sat on the couch and he went up to get Lil Man's sh!t and when he came back he stared at me for a minute. It made me nervous but I kept my cool and stared back. He asked if I wanted to stay around and chill watch TV 'cause the wife and kid was out and he was bored. So he sat next to me and turned on a flick. I was thinking, "YES! He wants it" and smiled. He asked if I didn't mind if he pulled it out and handled his business. I said sure go ahead. And he started beatin' off. When I looked over at it, I was in shock. He was not big at all. Maybe 6 inches at the most and it looked like a lil' sea horse. He took my hand and put it on the critter. And it all began.

Ozone: How was it? Groupie: I guess they were right when they said it's not the size that matters because he worked it. He blew my back out with his small package and he licked every drop. He's a sex-scholar.

Ozone: Did it bother you that he was married with children? Groupie: No not at all. I don't care about that big nosed b!tch. She gets hers every night! I just had it four times. And plus the kid doesn't have to know.What a stupid biatch. She really takes the hoe-cake

Ozone: Four Times? How were the other 3 times? Groupie: Just as well. I would still be goin' back if I didn't have to move.

Ozone: Do you have any other celebrity fantasies? Groupie: Well do you have time for me to name them all? Because if not, I don't think I should start.


Ozone: How did you meet? Groupie: It was at a 106 & Park taping. I knew one of the producers and he introduced me to him.

Ozone: What happened after your meeting with him? Groupie: Well, we got to know each other a little more better after the taping and we went to a restaurant and had a nice talk.

Ozone: That's all that happened? Groupie: No, after talking to him for a few more hours we ended up fuucking in his car.

Ozone: How was that? Groupie: It was can i say this? Boring. His hair kept scratching me and his d!ck is the size of a twinkie, it's so sad.

Ozone: Anything weird about him in bed? Groupie: He looks like the predator when he's about to bust a nut.

Ozone: Would you do it with him again? Groupie: Hell no. I bet I'll get more action humping a pillow or Free.


Ozone: How did you meet him? Groupie: I met him at the Best of Both Worlds tour. I got to go backstage through a radio contest. I was watching the concert from the side of the stage and I felt someone behind me. I turned around and I was looking straight in Bleek’s face. He asked me my name, and I told him and after that we held a long conversation. Before I knew it I was all into the conversation and I realized I missed most of the show. It was cool though, because I was really feeling him. With the look he kept giving me I knew something was bound to pop off.

Ozone: So what happened? Groupie: Well, after the show I was heading outside and I was walking along not too far from the arena to catch a cab when a limo pulled up by me, the windows were tinted and I assumed it was just some teen girls leaving the show. So, I kept on walking when the limo’s windows came down. It was sure enough Bleek with a bunch of other ugly ni99as. He looked at me while licking his lips and said, “So it’s like that ma? The night is still young. How about we have some more fun?” I was shocked, and very excited. I was really feeling him after our conversation and I wasn’t going to back down, I got in the limo and his homies who was with him got out to go to an after party. Me and Bleek ended up going but it was after we fuucked in the limo.

Ozone: What was the sex like? Groupie: He’s really freaky, and so am I, but it wasn’t the best. This [Censored] tried to keep his hat on while wefuucked and I told him to take that sh!t off, and when he did I took one look at that [Censored]'s hairline and informed him to put the sh!t back on fast! The sex could have been better. Now don’t get me wrong, he’s sexy as hell but his sh!t ain't the best, but he sure can lick the [Censored] real good, he had me feening for more.

Ozone: Does he have any fetishes? Groupie: Yes, he loves to be in control, I can say that much, it wasn’t HORRIBLE like some of my other experiences, but it could have been better. He also loves to smack ass while fuucking, that turned me on a lot.

Ozone: Would you do it again? Groupie: Yes, next time maybe Peedi will join.


Ozone: How did you meet Mario Winans? Groupie: I work at [a strip club].

Ozone: Is he a frequent customer? Groupie: Yeah.

Ozone: That’s kind of strange, because people have a perception of Mario Winans as a quiet, gospel type of dude. I wouldn’t picture him being a frequent strip club customer. Groupie: (laughing) He does a lot of stuff you wouldn’t picture him doing. He’s slept with a lot of girls that work at the strip club. He comes into the same strip club all the time, whenever he’s in town, but he doesn’t spend any money. He’ll act like he’s going to spend money, but he never does. He’ll bring all his boys up in there, like, his “cousin” or his “brother.” He expects to get the star treatment for him and all his boys.

Ozone: So he’s really cheap, huh? Groupie: Basically. I mean, he showed me a good time when I went out with him, but at the strip club he’s cheap.

Ozone: Where did he take you when you went out with him? Groupie: He had a limo come pick me up and take me to the studio. We were just hanging out, drinking. We went out to some clubs afterwards.

Ozone: Did it start as a friendly relationship or sexual? Groupie: We hung out a few times. See, I don’t know I if I wanna put him out there. There’s a reason why we didn’t really have sex. I spent the night with him a few times but we barely had sex. It’s hard to explain it. He wanted to have sex, but he was so messed up he couldn’t perform. I was real drunk so I just went to sleep and he stayed up all night. I woke up the next day and he kinda went to sleep. The first time it kinda freaked me out, but we went out again and the same thing happened. I’m sure there’s a lot of other girls with the same story.

Ozone: So, the other strippers that had sex with him, did they have a bad experience like yours or a good experience? Groupie: Like, oh my God, should I actually say this? It was real rude of him, what he did. He thought he was extra famous. See, he does drugs, and I don’t. So he was real rude. He didn’t really care about having sex anyway. He tried, but it was like only two minutes, and I was like, “You just gotta stop” again. It was the second time. Then, he called my cell one time out of the blue trying to get [some drugs]. He knows I don’t do anything, and even if I did, I wouldn’t do it around a boy that I liked. He’d still call me to come over and party with him. I couldn’t believe he was calling me like, asking for a favor. Like I said, he’s cheap.

Ozone: What kind of drugs? Do you want to be more specific? Groupie: I shouldn’t. All I can say is that he wasn’t able to perform [in bed].

Ozone: So Mario Winans isn’t as conservative or Christian as people might expect him to be, because of his family and his music? Groupie: He says “God bless” like every other word. He’s always talking about “God bless this,” “God bless that.”

Ozone: Did that strike you as hypocritical? Groupie: Kinda hypocritical, yeah. He’s not stupid, though. When we were at the mall one time he saw some younger girls but he wouldn’t mess with them. I think he goes to strip clubs to make sure the girls he phucks are old enough.

Ozone: So what was he like in bed? Groupie: He’s sexy, but I can’t really say how he is in bed, because he wasn’t performing very well. He stood in front of me and put his hands behind his head. So he’s like, butt naked, standing there and just waiting in front of me, licking his lips and ****, waiting for me to give him head. I was like, “What are you doing?” I guess he felt like if I gave him head it would help him out, but I wasn’t into that. Then he tried to have sex with me.

Ozone: Do you think he expected you to do whatever he wanted because he’s famous and you’re a stripper? Groupie: Yeah. Maybe not because I’m a stripper, but more because he’s famous. I mean, how could you take a girl you don’t even know back to where you live? He has a big portrait of his daughter at his house, and pictures of his baby mom and kids everywhere. I mean, he just doesn’t care. For me to know as much as I know, I mean, for him to do the stuff he did in front of me and he didn’t care that I saw?

Ozone: He did things in front of you that could’ve put his career at risk? Groupie: Yeah. He asked me if I wanted [to do drugs] and even when I said no, he’d still do it all night long.

Ozone: Were you attracted to him as a person, or did you mostly sleep with him – or attempt to sleep with him – because he’s famous? Groupie: He’s nice, but I think he has a wife or something. He has game.


Ozone: How did you meet Bobby Valentino? Groupie: I went to school with him a few years ago, at Clark Atlanta. Everybody just knew him as that boy that used to be in Mista. They had that song “Blackberry Molasses” in like 1996. Nobody cared too much, but everybody knew him as the guy that played baseball and used to be in Mista. He used to call my dorm and my roommates would sing his little song to him over the phone and he’d get so excited. They’d sing “Blackberry Molasses” or that other song Mista had on the Why Do Fools Fall In Love soundtrack.

Ozone: What is he like? Groupie: He’s corny as hell. He’s not someone that I’d want to date ever again. He drove a gold Lexus. I used to walk to class and he’d always pull up next to me and ask if I wanted a ride. I was like, “No, thank you.” One day I decided to be nice and I let him come pick me up.

Ozone: So it was a pity date? Groupie: Yeah. I went to his house, and he played that “Blackberry Molasses” song like eight times. His house smelled like burnt spaghetti. I wouldn’t phuck him, so I told him to take me back home. He didn’t tell me what his real name was, either. He said his name was Valentino and I was like, “Who the hell would name their son Valentino?”

Ozone: What do you mean, you wouldn’t phuck him? Was he trying to put the moves on you? Groupie: He was reaching over, trying to rub my back, saying, “Let me give you a massage,” all that sh!t. He was so boring. I didn’t go out with him again after that.

Ozone: So when you started seeing Bobby Valentino all over TV and hearing “Slow Down” all over the radio, what was your reaction? Groupie: I told my mom, “That’s that boy I told you about,” and she just started laughing. My friends from college call me from Georgia all the time now and they’re like, “Ha, ha, ha, I can’t believe you went on a date with that guy.”

Ozone: Now that he’s famous, do you wish you’d hooked up with him or at least stayed in touch? Groupie: No. Definitely not. He’s not cute at all, not to me, anyway. I don’t like boys that think just cause they take you somewhere you’ve got to **** them. Boys who are in college always think they’re gonna get some [Censored] just cause they play a sport. I guess he thought that’s what was about to happen, but he was wrong. I heard from other girls that was all he wanted anyway. Oh, no. Not me
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[*] posted on 7.30.2005 at 05:22 AM

:lol: They need to stop it..what is this, a video vixen hoing craze? :lol:
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[*] posted on 7.30.2005 at 10:55 AM

(White Girl)O.K, Can you like say Hoe!!

If you take a lil' walk with me...girl, i'll lead you to the truth
And if you never give up on me....girl, i'll share it all with you
Show directions when I've lost my way
I'll be around to stay, to show you the truth

Anthony Hamilton- The Truth

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[*] posted on 7.31.2005 at 12:01 AM

[QUOTE]So I climbed on top and rode him for a while then he started huffin' and puffin' sounding like he was about to catch a heart attack. So Islowed down and asked if he was ok and he goes, [B]"Yeah can we take a snack break." [/B] [/QUOTE]
:ummm: who came up with this mess???

[QUOTE]Everytime he was about to bust a nut, he would scream, "I'M TRANSFORMING!" [/QUOTE]


Anything a man can do, a woman can do better. Except for something stupid.~ Kimora Lee
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[*] posted on 7.31.2005 at 03:00 AM

i dont understand why these chicks expect these men to be so good in bed, i mean they are that just "men", nothing more or nothing less, what do they think just because their celebrities, that their sh*t is going to be spectacular...COME ON NOW!
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[*] posted on 7.31.2005 at 03:17 AM

I don't really care about none of them except 50 :hi: and anyway, a lot of them sound like lies.

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[*] posted on 8.1.2005 at 04:08 AM

Every last one of those groupie stories sounded like some straight up garbage b.s...who ever wrote that article needs to :stop: it.

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[*] posted on 8.1.2005 at 08:32 AM

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[*] posted on 8.1.2005 at 09:35 AM

I can't go by what hoez say...I want to see for myself...FOR A COUPLE OF THEM! (Lloyd Banks and Slim Thug) :flirty:
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[*] posted on 8.1.2005 at 10:35 AM

:lol: Why people spread their business out in the street, I'll never know.

The only one I'd want to experiment with is T.I. :D

2009 . . . Steadily on my grind.
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[*] posted on 8.1.2005 at 12:56 PM
Wow this is crazy....

Is it me or when that author dropped "On The DL" all you heard was the fear of the brother on the DL.

Now it's the Video Vixen and groupie stories that are pushing the media. Blackwomen put your seatbelts it's going to be a long ride:tu: you gone hate on me like that!!!!
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[*] posted on 8.1.2005 at 02:00 PM

"He kept screaming "YEAH!!!!!!!!" throughout the night. That was odd."

... :lol:

"destined, determined, dreamer''
An unexamined life is not worth living. -Socrates
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[*] posted on 8.1.2005 at 02:22 PM

I believe most of that if not all of it is BS. Everyones a groupie with a story to tell....I ain't buying it. Most of these chicks are :loser:
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[*] posted on 8.1.2005 at 04:21 PM

I don't believe none of that crap/

Loving me... :butterfly:

Compromise, to a certain degree becomes surrender....
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[*] posted on 8.1.2005 at 07:25 PM

I don't think these stories are real either. But the "I'm transforming" part was funny to me. :lol:

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